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Company profile

Company profile         

       Chongqing Baihuan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is the continuation of Chongqing Baihuan environmental protection equipment business department,Founded in 2008,Located in "National Environmental Protection Industry Development Chongqing Base, Chongqing Environmental Science and Technology Industrial Park" (Tianan Digital Plaza, Dadukou District),It is a high-tech environmental protection company committed to environmental professional technical consulting services, pollution control and water treatment engineering design, equipment supply, construction, installation and commissioning, acceptance and other general contracting, pollution control and water treatment industry equipment research and development, manufacturing and sales, energy conservation and environmental protection and resource recycling。
       The company has many years of pollution control and equipment manufacturing experience,Relying on a strong team of experts, excellent talent team, strong technical force and advanced manufacturing equipment,Combined with environmental (waste water, waste gas, noise, solid waste, soil) pollution control, large public communities (towns, rural areas, residential areas, schools, hospitals, factories and mines, etc.) sewage treatment and pure water preparation technology,To provide various enterprises with professional technical consulting, project investment research, engineering design, engineering project general contracting, equipment manufacturing and sales, pharmaceutical sales, system debugging and operation guidance training, system hosting operation and maintenance and other diversified services;
       The company has strong technical force,With environmental protection engineering, chemical design, construction, mechanical and electrical and other senior titles of technical personnel,With Chongqing University, Chongqing Jiaotong University, Southwest University, Southwest University of Science and Technology, Chongqing Institute of Environmental Science, Shanghai Water Supply and Drainage Company, Shanghai Centrifugal Institute and many other units to maintain close technical cooperation and form a technical alliance;Provide internship training base for Chongqing Jiaotong University, Chongqing City Institute of Science and Technology, Chongqing Business College and other colleges;A number of well-known manufacturers in the same industry to form strategic partnership。
       The company has successfully provided professional technical consulting, environmental pollution control project construction and environmental protection equipment sales and installation services for various enterprises;With "excellent engineering quality, stable equipment performance, integrity and professional services", we have won the trust and praise of customers,Gradually establish a good image in the field;The company is committed to the research and development of microbial fluidized bed, membrane bioreactor (MBR membrane technology), ultrafiltration (UF technology), reverse osmosis (RO technology), electrodialysis (ED technology), super-magnetic separation technology, microbial catalytic filtration, intelligent backwash filtration, comprehensive intelligent integration and other pollution control and water treatment technologies and have been successfully applied。

Company culture 
       Corporate philosophy:Serve society, benefit employees, and innovate the future
       Enterprise spirit:Integrity, quality, pragmatic
       Core values:Focus on environmental protection, circular emission reduction, sincere service
       Baihuan people are "the sky is bluer, the water is greener, the mountain is clearer" as the goal, in order to improve the environment, the benefit of the descendants and strive to work hard, will continue to "truth pragmatic, honest and modest, and strive for perfection" Baihuan spirit, dedicated to provide you with excellent service。

Main business of the company
      1、Product sales:Water treatment and environmental pollution control project professional equipment sales, one-stop environmental protection professional products supermarket supply and marketing services, high-tech products agent sales
      2、Project contracting:Water treatment and environmental pollution control project complete equipment manufacturing, water treatment and environmental pollution control project contracting, water treatment and environmental pollution control project transformation, commissioning, operation and maintenance
      3、Technical support:Water treatment and environmental pollution control project one-stop technical consulting services, project preliminary design, construction drawing design, as-built drawing services, targeted professional equipment and pharmaceutical design and development

Company service object
       1、Electric power system
       The preparation of high-purity water in power generation enterprises, harmless wastewater treatment in production industry, domestic wastewater treatment, noise pollution control, power plant exhaust gas desulfurization and denitrification, desulfurization and denitrification wastewater treatment, water reuse, related solid waste treatment and a series of related supporting services。
       Chemical enterprises production industrial wastewater treatment, domestic sewage treatment, waste gas treatment, noise control, solid waste treatment;General enterprise high purity water preparation, domestic sewage treatment, noise control, etc。
       Sewage treatment plant, urban residents drinking water, swimming pool circulating water treatment, river water purification treatment ecosystem protection and restoration, soil restoration, etc。
       Treatment of domestic sewage in residential areas;School laboratory waste water, waste gas treatment;Hospital domestic sewage treatment, medical waste, wastewater treatment。
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