One-stop service consultation

        According to the existing cooperative units and business resources of our company, we can provide whole-process consulting services for engineering projects related to environmental governance, and provide professional guidance services from project preliminary assessment - project preparation data - project implementation - project production。
I. Preliminary consultation and evaluation
        For environmental pollution control projects, provide customers with project feasibility study report, environmental emergency risk assessment, environmental emergency response plan, project environmental acceptance service, project environmental protection procedures declaration and handling, organization of expert review and other relevant process approval and other technical services;
2. Project plan design and construction drawing preparation
        Provide customers with project investment budget, project bidding, engineering survey, construction drawing design and as-built drawing design, construction and completion data preparation during the construction project preparation;
Iii. Project implementation and management
        Design, manufacture and supply of equipment, construction and installation of system facilities, construction supervision, system equipment commissioning, personnel operation and training, pharmaceutical and consumable supply, system hosting operation and maintenance for the project;
Fourth, equipment design and development
        To provide customers with problem equipment upgrading, function oriented equipment research and development, system upgrade audit transformation, functional testing and other consulting services。 

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